Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photo Op!!!

Life with Max creates a lot of photo ops, so I figure that I have two choices: hire a professional photographer to follow us around all the time, or have my camera around my neck 24 / 7.

Today when I picked Max up from "school" he was his usual smiley self. We listened to a Sirius Satellite Radio station geared towards kids, and as the cast from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" sang "Be Our Guest" I could hear Max cooing and even giggling a little. It was a good day, apparantly. We got home and I brought him up to his room to change his diaper and put him into his pj's a little early. Once he was set, it was my turn. I grabbed his monkey blanket and put him on our bed and went to take my contacts out. When I turned around to make sure he was ok, he was clutching the blanket and smiling away. He just looked so darn cute, that I couldn't resist running downstairs and grabbing the camera to take a few (read: 40) photos.

Here are the best of the bunch....

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