Thursday, October 23, 2008

Missing My Boys....

I had to leave my boys today and I miss them. A lot.

I am at a conference in San Diego for work; I left the house at 4am today and won't get back until Sunday morning at 1am or so. Early this morning before I left I crept into Max's room and kissed his little chubby cheeks, told him I loved him, and dragged myself out of the room and out of the house. I should mention that it wasn't easy to say goodbye to Ted, either.

It isn't that I don't think that Ted can handle things at home, mind you. I know that Max will have a great time with his Dad. Maybe I'm afraid that they won't miss me as much as I miss them. I am really trying to look at this positively, and I know that I need to be here for the good of my career, but it is difficult.

I have insisted that Ted send me a photo every day, and here's today's.....

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