Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

New Year's Eve is always a day of reflection for me; the most bittersweet of all holidays. After 16 years of struggling with MS, my mother passed away on New Year's Eve when I was living in Arizona. Obviously, that is the "bitter". Since I always battled with my sadness and guilt on this holiday, Ted made the wonderful decision to ask me to be his wife a minute before midnight on New Year's Eve. Thus, the much needed "sweet". So, today I remember my mother and feel the sting of her absence while celebrating my marriage.

This year, I feel sad that my mom didn't get the opportunity to meet Max or enjoy being a grandmother. I know she would have loved him. But, it is hard to be sad with Max here showering me with smiles and laughter. He's been especially cuddly this afternoon with me; he must know that I need it.

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